Past Performances

Past Performance History

R. REA CORP. has provided IT and Telecommunication services to various commercial, local and federal government agencies such as:

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) a newly created Federal Government Agency was created by the District of Columbia Revitalization Act. This Agency consists of Pretrial Services, Trustee, Public Defender Services and Parole Services.

REA provided to CSOSA all technical services necessary to design and implement a fully integrated LAN/WAN, Telephony, and Audiovisual systems for CSOSA employing the most advanced technology currently available. The system design included integrated data, voice and video services in a seamless implementation with emphasis on reliability, availability, and redundancy.

The project was done on time and within budget for which R. REA CORP. was recognized. REA received an Award from Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for Appreciation and Recognition of Outstanding Services for the 633 Indiana Avenue Project.

GSA/Center for Information Security Services On-site TFI LAN Network Support Services:

REA provided consulting and technical services for the full scope of on-site administrative and network systems support services to ensure a secure and reliable systems operation for GSA/CISS users. REA provided these services for four (4) years.

Department Of Public Works DC Government

Since 1999, REA has provided the Department of Public Works, to include Fleet Management Services and Parking Enforcement Agency Telecommunications and IT services. REA has installed wired and wireless CCTV surveillance systems for DPW at Parking Enforcement Management Administration communication cabling services through the District Government Request for Telecommunications Services (RTS) and Purchase Orders. These services include:

U. S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

R. REA CORP., for 10 years, provided data communication cabling services for OPM. The services provided included the followings:

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Furnish and Installation of Cisco/Tandberg Audio Video Teleconferencing System, and Structural Cabling for the new 6 Story DC Consolidated Forensics Laboratory building.

Dynalectric Company

Installed Sound Masking System at the New 9 Story US Coast Guards Headquarters in DC.

Prince/Schlosser Joiont Venture- DC Government Services

Project/Contract Name: Inmate Processing System
Project Description: Currently in progress: Installed CAT 6 cabling infrastructure for Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) for automated monitoring of digital video sources to detect specific events or behaviors for Indoor/Outdoor conditions.

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Washington, DC

REA provided data communications services during the renovation of DCPS. These services included providing site surveys to determine the cable needs for voice, data, video and public address services for the schools that were assigned to REA. Once the site survey was completed, a design with a build of material (BOM) was completed to show the horizontal cabling and vertical cabling distribution. This design and BOM serve as the basis for the price quote that was presented to the General Contractor (GC).

District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Washington, DC

REA provided Telecommunications Support Services to The Office of Chief Technology Office (OCTO) to support the District of Columbia Network (DC-NET) emergency cutover of their Analog and ISDN lines from Verizon’s Network over to MCI’s Network. REA supported the office relocations, new equipment installations, and other events that required de-installation and/or installation of telephony equipment and cabling.

Pittsburgh Air National Guard, Pittsburg, PA

GSA/Center for Information Security Services REA installed Global Grid CAT-5E Cable Distribution System Infrastructure for the Pittsburgh ANG. REA procured materials, installed, and tested a Communications Cabling and Distribution System for both the Local Area Network (LAN) and Telephone Systems for Building 107 that included category 5e cable and RJ45 jacks for data and 5e cable and USOC jacks for voice.

Naval Sea System Command (NAVSEA), Washington, DC

Project/Contract Name: Technician Services for Definity and Merlin Systems.
Project Description: REA provided NAVSEA Technician Services for site work and operations support services in relocating its offices from Crystal City, VA to the Washington Navy Yard located in Washington, D.C. The work included:

General Services Administration, Federal Technology Services, Center for Information Security Services/Minnesota Air National Guard/133LGS (MNANG)

Project/Contract Name: TFI-LAN Contracted/ NT Network Upgrade to Windows 2000
Project Description: R. REA CORP. (REA) worked with the Minnesota Air National Guard to develop/review the network design for seven Compaq Proliant DL380 P800/ 133 1 servers. Based on the design of the network, REA installed the servers and software demonstrating full functionality with the DL380s. REA provided informal training and worked side by side with the local administrator group. REA installed and configured, provided documentation and trained the clients' staff in the operation and maintenance of the network.

Compaq Computer Corporation

Project/Contract Name: Assist 2 Subcontractor
Project Description: R. REA CORP. has a Subcontract Agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation on the Department of Justice’s Assist 2 Contract to provide the following services:

Installation of Equipment and Cabling

To support office relocations, new equipment installations, and other events that require de-installation and/or installation of computer equipment and cabling. Equipment installation and/or cabling services may be required in conjunction with hardware maintenance, or as a stand-alone service.

Site Surveys

To prepare an implementation plan that will ensure an efficient and complete installation. Generally, the Contractor shall meet with building management, and local Government administrative and technical staff to discuss all aspects of the new installation. In consultation with Government and building management personnel, the Contractor shall determine all cabling requirements and routes, the installation schedule, preliminary hardware and software configuration, and any specific requirements or perceived problems with the installation.

Installation Services

Subject to the specific details of the task order, installation services may be required to set-up new offices, office expansions/consolidations, office renovations, office relocations, closing offices, and to repair prior installations. Services may include any of the following:

Cable installations may include: voice, data, image, interior and exterior cable plant, copper, coaxial, fiber, a variety of technologies (e.g., ATM, VPN, ISDN, SONET), and cable support equipment (e.g., racks, cabinets, patch panels, wall outlets, etc.). Note that the purchase of active equipment such as routers, bridges, hubs, UPSs, etc., is not included in the scope of this contract. Unless otherwise specified in the task order, all cable installations shall comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A and ISO/IEC 11801.

Operations Support

The Contractor shall provide operations support, such as on-site or central system and network management, new or revised hardware or software distribution, user assistance, training, and associated security functions. The specific services will be detailed in the TPR/task order.